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Date: 12th May 2016
Airflow Dryer
Airflow dryerCharacteristics1.The equipment structure is simple,Website:, cover an area of an area small, can continuous operation;2.The gas solid contact area is large, the heat transfer effect is good.3.To high temperature air as drying medium.Using scope and purposeScope: sawdust, rice moisture content is higher in bulk materials, etc.Purpose: biomass fuels plant, power plants, feed mills, plants and other small and medium-sized enterprises. Using the environment:Requirements: 1. The normal temperature 20 ? and 40 ?, the highest do not exceed 70 ?2.Humidity: 5% ~ 90%3.Height: 1000 m belowTechnical parameters and modelsevaporationpowerinput powermodelnoiseinput mositureout put misitureTemperature of the air ductThe discharging mouth temperature(T/h)?KW??KW?QHG210? db<40?8-12?150-50060-90QHG219? db<< a="">40?<8-12?150-50060-90QHG330?40.3221.180 db<40?8-12?150-50060-90QHG550?40.4301.580 db<40?8-12?150-50060-90QHG650?40.5371.580 db<40?8-12?150-50060-90QHG750?40.7452.280 db<40?8-12?150-50060-90QHG1000?41.055380 db<40?8-12?150-50060-90