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Date: 12th May 2016
Biomass Stove
Product DescriptionBiomass intelligent boiler with humanized design for the idea,Website:, All-weather,automatic temperature control ignition or time control automaticignition. Automatic feeding, automatic cleaning, comparable with naturalgas boiler, suitable for 200 square meters-40000 square meters ofheating, are widely used in the community, villas, schools,organizations, businesses, and so on.This product uses the best way to burn bio-particles: suspended, half gasification and combustion.Three return heat exchanger reduces exhaust gas temperature, the uniquefurnace dust, smoke-free combustion, showing environmental protectioncharacteristics.Specifications:Modelheating rateheating areaout/return water temperaturedesignefficiencyConsumptionCLHS-M10.02 (Mw)20085/6092.58 (KG/H)CLHS-M20.05 (Mw)50015 (KG/H)CLHS-M30.10 (Mw)100028 (KG/H)CLHS-M40.20 (Mw)200058 (KG/H)CLHS-M50.32 (Mw)3000100 (KG/H)CLHS-M60.50 (Mw)5000160 (KG/H)CLHS-M41.1 (Mw)10000310 (KG/H)