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Date: 14th May 2016
Briquetting Machine
jingerui sawdust briquette machine?We are professional manufacturer of sawdust pellet/briquette machine more than 18 years history,Website:, have got ISO, SGS certificate, all machines got CE certificate, and with many?customers and sales agent in different countries, such as in Spain, Poland, Italy, Greece,?Bulgaria, Romania, Russia?Sawdust briquette machine parameterModelPower (KW)Capacity (KG/H)Pellet Diameter (MM)SKJ3-350 pellet mill37400-6004-25SKJ3-450 pellet mill55500-8004-25SKJ3-550 pellet mill90800-12004-30SKJ3-800 pellet mill1601500-25004-12SKJ4-1200 pellet mill3203000-50004-12Sawdust briquette machine specification1. Sawdust briquette machine/wood briquette machine can press 10-30mm diameter biomass fuel briquette from sawdust, rice husk, coffee husk, straw, stalk peanut shell, sun flower seed, stalk and so on. The last briquette length can be adjusted.2.Standing out from sawdust briquette machine/wood briquette machine is that our briquette machine adopts flat die, flat die has unique advantages to enlarge flat die diameter, in this way, roller assemble and bearings are both enlarged, which can produce larger pressure. Especiallyfor crude fiber materials. If machine pressure is not enough,bearings will be easily broken after worked short time, but flat fie overcome the weakness, by roller rotary, flat die keep stable, in this way, makes larger pressure and produce good briquettes.3. Standing out from other supplier is that all of our sawdust briquette machine/wood briquette machine key parts are made by CNC systems, through high technical heat treatment, we can ensure its high precision and quality. Besides, the home use briquette machines has got CE, ISO9001 high quality certificates.?4.Sawdust briquette machine/wood briquette machine has automatical lubricated system,?which can lubricate rollers, bearings, gears vertical shaft automatically, very convenient to?operate and repair. ?5.Sawdust briquette machine/wood briuette machine electric motors can install both diesel?engine and electric motor, very fit for home use, now it is hot selling more than 8000 sets per year, greatly welcome to ask me for details, we have big discount for old customers. ?FAQ-- Q: General questions to choose briquette machine for you??1. What is your raw materials? (to confirm mould pressure ratio of machines )2. What is the moisture content of your raw material?3. How many output capacity do you want per hour / month/ year? ?Note: If the moisture is high, you need a dryer, becuase the suitable moisture content to?enter pellet machine is 13-15%. And please provide us above detailed information, then we?would choose most suitable machine with reasonble offers.-- Q: How long is your guarantee?A: 12 months warranty but except quick waering parts.?-- Q: Will you send engineers to install the machines?A: Of course. Our company has professional installation engineers team and specialized?after-sale service team. When the machines arrive your factory, we will send our installation?engineers to your factory Our engineers will Guide you to install the machines and training?your workers how to operate the machines and maintain the machine.?-- Q: Voltage requirement??A: Our machines can use 380V, 220V, 240V, 415V, 480V, and 50Hz, 60Hz.