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Date: 12th May 2016
Counter Current Cooler
Counter current CoolerCharacteristics1.The cover an area of an area small,Website:, compact structure, convenient operation;2.Production, stable cooling effect;3.Low noise, low energy consumption;4.A high degree of automation and easy maintenance.Using scope and purposeScope: biomass particles, feed particles, organic fertilizer granules.Purpose: biomass fuels plant, power plants, feed mills, big small and medium-sized enterprises such as organic fertilizer factory.Technical parameters and modelsmodelSKLN1.2SKLN1.5SKLN2.5SKLN4SKLN6capacity?t/h?0.5-0.81-23-55-88-12cool volume?m3? time>6-10mincool temperatureUnder common temperature+3-5?power?kw?1.52.2334