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Date: 14th May 2016
Disc Wood Chipper
Jingerui Wooden Cutter Shredder Chipper ?Disc Wood ChipperIntroductionWood Chipper are our products which specially designed for round logs,Website:, square blocks, wood staff,?wood pieces and chipping.?Operation easy, maintenance simple, life is long and the noisy is low.They would be the best choices for dealing with wood scraps.It is our product which specially designed for round logs, square blocks, wood staff into 10-30mm size small wood pieces, 5-10mm wood sawdust.It contains feeding belt conveyor and electrical cabint. operation is very easy and higly working efficiency.This drum wood chipper would be the best choices for dealing with wood scraps.Technical ParameterModelPower (kw)Capacity (t/h)Feeder Size (mm)Chips Size (mm)Weight (KG)Dimension(mm)PX15-80301-2150 15010-3015001820x1380x1320PX35-160554-6350 35010-3025002200x1500x1400PX45-25090-1106-10450 45010-3055002500x2150x1800GX21545+2.2+1.53-4T160 4003029901470x1550 970GX21655+3+1.57-8T230 5003040701800 1900 1210GX218110+5.5+1.510-15T300 6803070002200 2150 1500GX2113160+7.5 2+1.515-25T350 68030118403670 2517 2050-wood chipperDisc type and drum type wood chipper are the special equipment for producing wood chips, which is widely used in the raw material preparing process in the factories of flakeboard, fiberboard, papermaking and wood chips making plants.PX series disc wood chipperComposed by pedestal and rotor disc, power connection device. Throwing knives fixed on the rotor disc.Cuttingwoodthrownoutby the centrifugal forceofthe rotordiscrotation;Big model woodchipper can bechangedintouniformFeeding by belt conveyor, above and below outlet you can chooseSuitable for small-diameter wood, twigs and sticks, wood size after cutting is 15mm-30mm