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Date: 14th May 2016
Feed Pellet Production Line
1.small animal feed pellet making line makes 2-8 mm diameter feed pellets. such as 2-4mm diameter chick feeds and pig feeds.1.5-3mm fish feed,Website:,2-5mm rabbit feeds ,4-8mm cattle or sheep feeds. The last pellet length can be adjusted. ?2.small animal feed pellet making line is designed from crusher to packing machine , contains crushing, mixing, pelletizing ,screening and packing parts. such as crusher, mixer, pellet mill, cooler ,screener, packing machine and all bins, conveyors ect . we will design the full line flow chart according to your raw materials dimension and specific requirement.3.small animal feed pellet making line Key pellet machine mosaic rotating roller and large diameter ring dies can make materials fully cured and pellets smoother. the formation rate can reach 98% and the friction can down to the bottom. key parts are made by our CNC system , through high technical heat treatment ,which is high precision and quality,4.small animal feed pellet making line key pellet machine ?has forced material-entrance and overload protection device ,which makes machine more safe to work.5.small animal feed pellet making line key pellet machine has Speed-adjust feeder, which controls the feeding speed correctly, so it is fit for various materials and meet different requirement .6. Small animal feed pellet making line is hot selling more than 15000 sets per year, greatly welcome to ask me for details.?MODELPOWER(KW)OUTPUT(T/H)PELLET SPECIFICATION(mm)EXTERNAL DIMENSION(mm)Last products pictureHKJ25022+2.2+1.50.6-1.51.5-121320?330?8501column pellet ,the length can be adjustedHKJ30045+2.2+1.5+0.551.5-2.51.5-122100?1550?1060HKJ35055+2.2?2+1.13-51.5-122220?1160?1450HKJ45045?2+3?2+1.54-82-122400?1200?1600HKJ61075?2+3?2+1.56-122-122300?1350?1800we have best price before new year now, Greatly welcome to mail or call me for details