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Date: 14th May 2016
Fertilizer Crusher
We mainly produce fertilizer pellet production line machines ,Website:, such as fertilizer ferment upender, fertilizer?hammer mill crusher, mixer, dryer and pellet cooler, fertilizer pellet machine, fertilizer round granulation?machine ,screener and pellet packing machine, for organic fertilizer hammer mill, details as below :1. The organic fertilizer hammer mill contains horizontal double shaft chain, they are the super heavy duty?hammer mill which fits for high humidity fertilizer materials2. The organic fertilizer hammer mill can crush very high humidity materials to powder, after crusher, canget smaller than 5cm pieces, reach to the aim of granulation, so they are used for compound fertilizer?and organic fertilizer. Generally common hammer mill has limit requirement for raw humidity , but this?double shaft chain fertilizer hammer mill overcomes the weakness.3. organic fertilizer hammer mill is Specifically Designed-For crushing oversize compound and organic?materials,: Non-Clogging Design - Ample clearance throughout the flow of material, preventing?build-up . Easy AccessQuarter section of housing can be removed by taking out bolts which providesgood accessibility.. Simplified Maintenance -All component parts can be easily removed and replaced.4. organic fertilizer hammer mill has special Chain , adding the wear resistance steel,--extend working life time,?and reduce the time of changing chains, increase life.5. organic Fertilizer hammer mill has Durable Construction -Heavy duty steel ,oversize bearings and specially?hardened chain hammers vales its dependability.Specifications:ModelWL50WL60WL80Center distance (mm)500600800capacity(t/h)5-1010-1515-20In-put size (mm)100100120Out-put size (mm)1 80-90%Power(kw)7.5?211?218.5?2Size(mm)1700?1300?12001800?1600?14002300?2200?1700Weight(kg)135026003800Alications:The machine is fit for grinding raw materials in com[pound fertilizer production processing.Competitive Advantage:Easy operation ,high products practical,efficiency high overload capacity, low noise, ?reliable structure ,beautiful appearance.