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Date: 12th May 2016
Manual Packing Machine
Manual packing machine is a kind of commonly used packaging machinery,Website:, biomass particles after counterflow cooling machine cooling, can use manual packer biomass particles package.Widely used in the biomass, grain, food, medicine, hardware, chemical industry, clothing, postal and other industries.1. Please make sure the machine used by power supply, do not put the wrong power supply. The machine adopts three phase four wire system. Yarn to ground zero, a leakage protection.During operation, please do not turn the head hand through the belt of the runway.3. Please do not touch the heating by hand directly.4. Do not rinse the machine, damp working places, operating personnel do not barefoot.5. The machine when not in use please take storage compartment belt roll back to the reel, to avoid deformation when the next use.6. Please do not lose roller surface viscous oil.7. The machine don't have to pull the bear.8. Do not randomly change the machine parts.9. Main components often oil lubrication.