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Date: 12th May 2016
Uniaxial Mixer
Uniaxial MixerCharacteristics1.The rotor structure is novel,Website:, without mixed corner;2.The rotor casing clearance adjustable, bottom material residues;3.The air discharging door, accurate and reliable, good sealing,4.Beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance.Using scope and purposeScope: premix, livestock and poultry feed, aquatic feed, additives, such as organic material mixture stirring.Use: feed mills, organic fertilizer factory, Chinese herbal medicine plant, chemical plant and so on big small and medium-sized enterprises.DZJB-1000.130.21?5-7%3-6DZJB-2500.255.50.6?5-7%3-6DZJB-5000.57.51?5-7%3-6DZJB-1000118.52.5?5-7%3-6DZJB-20002225?5-7%3-6DZJB-30003306?5-7%3-6DZJB-500053710?5-7%3-6