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Date: 14th May 2016
Wood Chips Pellet Line
1.Shavings section: according to the production and log diameter size to select the wood chipper machine,Website:, there are two types: drum wood machine and disc wood machine. This section contains the logs shavings, from less than 500 mm in diameter trees, cut into small wood within 50 mm ?to reduce powder stage crushing power and difficulty.2. The crushing section: use the multi-function crusher for crushing.Kingoro developed the multi-functional grinder by the combined discharge pressure, is the most advanced way of discharge.The latest way of secondary dedusting, effectively reduce dust emissions.3. The drying section: according to the feed water supply and the needed water during the processing to calculate the ?water evaporation, then choosing the drum diameter, length, and the model of hot air stove.The common styles are the three-cylinder dryer, single drum dryers, pneumatic dryer; Among them, the tumble dryer it the most popular and ?particularly good value for money.4. Granulating process: wood processing for 6 mm diameter, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm particles.Wood grain machine is the main part in the whole production line.5. The cooling section: particles produced after temperature in 70-90 degrees, need to cool down to pack, packing particles can appear fracture directly; Can be used directly when packing the counterflow cooling machine, cooling machine will particles from 70-90 degrees, cooling to room temperature plus or minus five degrees, and to screening of powder, flakes, in preparation for the next packaging.6. Packaging: suppress finished granules are available to pack, generally use the bags and tons of bag.