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Date: 14th May 2016
Wood Sawdust Machine
We produce biomass pellet making line machines,Website:, such as wood logs debarking machine, wood logs splitter, sawdust making machine ,wood chipper, hammer mill, grass/straw cutter , straw bale crusher ,pellet machine and briquette machine, dryer and cooler, screener, mixer , ?pellet boiler ,pellet packing machine and all conveyors e. c. t. Our factory has more than 15 years history, CE and ISO 9001 high quality certificate, for hot 5t/h grinding wood chips to sawdust machine price details, as below :1. hot 5t/h grinding wood chips to sawdust machine price?can crush big wood logs directly into smaller than 5mm powder sawdust. At this moment, mostly sawdust making process is two machines:wood chipper+hammer mill , but now wood sawdust making machine integrates both of two machines advantages and can crush raw big logs into fine sawdust powder directly?2.high output hot sale wood sawdust making machine Malaysia?adopts advanced technology rotor ,which is consist of ? ?group gears?,and the gears uses the high alloy antifriction steel material ,Which can bear high pressure and have enough ability to crush wood logs into fine powder.3.After crushed by hot 5t/h grinding wood chips to sawdust machine price?the last sawdust powder dimension is smaller than 5mm , which can be used to press into pellets directly . Sawdust machine key parts are made by CNC systems, through high technical heat treatment , the parts are long lifetime, low consumption4. hot 5t/h grinding wood chips to sawdust machine price?is very hot selling more than 2000 sets per year, greatly welcome to ask me for details, we have big discount at thisMODELCAPACITY (KG/H)POWER(KW)WEIGHT(TON)INPUT SIZE (MM)MXJ2151000-200075+2.2+1.52.5160*400MXJ2162000-4000110+3+2.24.6230*500MXJ2184000-6000160+5+38.9680*300MXJ21136000-8000260+7.5+412400*800